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Living Quarter Traditional room in an apartment
Room Rent Rent on a per room basis. Not required to search for a flatmate Rent on a per apartment basis, requiring one to look for flatmates
Furnishing Fully Furnished with all necessities Usually unfurnished/semifurnished apartment
Brokerage No Brokerage Usually one month rent as brokerage charge
Restrictions Bachelor friendly Society restrictions
On Call Supervisor/Conceirge Available Not Available
Contractual Flexibility Flexible Lock-In Tenure Rigid Lock-In Tenures
Owner Profile Accessible, friendly, inspired to foster communal living Unknown owners, can be non-cooperative.
Mantainance & Security Mantainance included in the package Usually charged extra
Housekeeping Service included in the package and supervised by the management Need to find domestic help, charged extra and self supervision required
Wifi & DTH services Monthly charges and Installation cost Included in rent Chargeable extra
Car Parking On site included in rent Chargeable in some cases.
Community Opportunity to network and make friends through events and get togethers No community offering

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